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It's important that you tell us about any learning needs you have.

On your application, please tell us about any learning needs that you have, so that we can support you during your studies.


5 Top Tips for Prospective Learners

  1. Disclose: Disclose on the application form in the ‘Medical Information’ section of the application form.
  2. Share information: It is useful if you share information with us, especially if you have letters from professionals with whom you have has support from like CAMHS, occupational therapists Educational Psychologist or reports like a statement of educational need or learner support plans.
  3. Be open and honest with us in your needs assessment: It is super important that you are open and honest with us because we act on what you tell us.
  4. Give your school your permission to share information with us: If your school shares information with us we can find out what support you received whilst you were in school. 
  5. Accept support from someone you trust: If you would prefer for a family member or person to speak on your behalf  to help you talk about the support you need then have them on hand