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To apply for the Honours Programme, you must submit a separate application form, as well as your application to St David's College

The Honours Programme is designed for ‘more able and talented students’, in line with Welsh Government requirements. Its purpose is to foster academic qualities and skills and generate curiosity and intellectual development within a ‘community of enquiry’ where students learn together to enrich their knowledge and abilities. Many Honours students have progressed on todegrees at leading universities in every subject, from Art History to Zoology. We are very proud that universities, inspectors, parents, and students recognise and praise our record in helping learners achieve their full potential.

A major aim of the Programme is to provide the kind of culture and environment that students in public schools often benefit from. We expect Honours students to complete the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification, which is integrated into the Programme, and to contribute to discussions on a range of issues, using standards of respectful debate and developing excellent academic character.  We believe students of all backgrounds deserve this opportunity.

We aim to prepare students to flourish, with a distinct focus on the development of intellectual virtue and the independent research skills essential for Higher Education. One thing we do seek to avoid is pigeon-holing of students into distinct ‘types’ and there is an expectation that all learners explore the interdisciplinary import of the material covered and its application to their own particular interests.

As with all students of St David’s College, Honours students can expect to be cared for, advised, taught and treated with the respect they deserve as a learner within a Catholic college, and most importantly, as a child of God.

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