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Psychology is a fascinating subject which will allow students to understand human behaviour and the reasons why we behave in the ways that we do. There are various approaches to Psychology and during the course we will study key pieces of research and topics from a range of these areas including criminal behaviour, eye-witness testimony, phobias, Autism, relationships and therapies such as psychosurgery. Learners will also study research methods and develop existing numeracy skills by looking at data and analysing what it tells us about the human behaviour studied in research.


What Next?

The study of Psychology at A Level is useful for a diverse range of university courses and careers including: clinical psychologist, forensic and criminal psychology, counselling, mental health nursing, lecturer in Psychology, social worker and educational psychology.

Entry Requirements

6 GCSEs A* – C. At least one grade B in GCSE Science and grade C in GCSE Mathematics are required. Grade C or above in GCSE English Language is recommended.



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